What Do Contacts Feel Like?

The first time you try on contact lenses, it may be difficult and feel a bit uncomfortable. However, after wearing them a few times, they should feel completely comfortable, as if they are part of your eyes.

Getting Contact Lenses for The First Time

When you decide to wear contact lenses, they will be custom fitted to your eye. In Medford, your doctor looks at several unique features like the structure of your eye, your tears and visual acuity to find the best type of lens material, brand and replacement schedule for your eye.

When a contact lens is correctly fitted you shouldn’t feel it at all. They are designed to be comfortable and fit snugly. If you do notice any burning or irritation when wearing contacts, there may be a bit of debris or fiber that has been caught between your eye and the lens. If this should happen, you should rinse the lens in solution and insert again.

If irritation continues, you might have a small scratch on the lens in which case you should toss the damaged lens and wear a fresh one.

Some people find their eyes water a lot when they use contact lenses for the first time. It’s not a permanent thing, it’s just your eyes getting used to the sensation and they will quickly adjust and settle down.

At first, you’ll probably be slightly aware that the lenses are there, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortable. This feeling will pass very quickly as you get used to the feeling of having the contacts in.

Most people get used to wearing contact lenses very quickly and can even forget that they’re wearing them! To learn more or to schedule a contact lens fitting in Medford, contact Medical Eye Center at 541-779-4711 or medicaleyecenter.com today.

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