How does cataract surgery work?

At Medical Eye Center, we use the most advanced technique called phacoemulsification. With this approach, a small incision is made in the eye and the cataract is broken up and removed. A new, clear intraocular lens (IOL) is then placed in the eye.

Cataracts treatment overview

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Our Cataract Surgery Center

Medical Eye Center has a specialized cataract surgery center in Medford, Oregon that’s devoted exclusively to surgical treatment of the eye. Our dedicated team performs thousands of cataract surgeries each year. Anesthesia providers are integrated into the team, enhancing our ability to provide comfort and safety to our patients. All our providers, including the anesthetist, accept Medicare, thereby reducing your out-of-pocket expense.

Your Referring Doctor

We work closely with other eye doctors in the region. If you’ve been referred to us for evaluation or treatment, we will send a report of your examination to your referring physician.

After Cataract Surgery

The eye can usually be anesthetized using eye drops so a patch is not required. This allows patients to start enjoying their improved vision immediately. You will, however, need glasses after surgery, especially for near and intermediate vision, even if you didn’t need glasses before surgery.

Types of intraocular lens implants


Get EyeSmart

Visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s webpage on Cataract Surgery.