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Dr. Paul Imperia and Dr. Matt Oliva treat hundreds of cataract patients in Ethiopia.

One hundred blind patients in threadbare robes sit shoulder to shoulder against the wall in a converted warehouse in rural Ethiopia. They wait for surgery that will allow them to see again.

Tomorrow, a new group of a hundred will wait.

An ophthalmologist makes quick incisions into the eye of a patient and removes a cataract. The procedure is efficient, sterile and takes about seven minutes. Medford doctors Matthew Oliva and Paul Imperia recently worked side by side in this fashion with an Ethiopian doctor, treating hundreds of patients over the course of a weeklong visit.

Dr. Oliva and Dr. […]

In Partnership with Pacific Islands Medical Aid

As a surgical team member traveling to Christmas Island, Kiribati, Dr. Paul Imperia writes about his experiences with patients, colleagues and members of the island community.

Losing Focus: Retaining Vision Requires a Proactive Approach to Eye Health

Everyone’s eyesight begins to decline as we reach our 40s. Check out this article in which Dr. Craig Lemley discusses the causes of age-related eye disease and what we can do to keep our vision healthy.

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La Clinica and Medical Eye Center Partnership

Dr.-Imperia-at-La-ClinicaDr. Paul Imperia is a quiet, thoughtful man on a mission to help the underserved do something that many of us take for granted—see clearly. For the last year, a team from Medford’s Medical Eye Center has provided exams, optical services, surgeries, and other specialized eye care to our neediest patients at our Central Point Health Center. To date, this program has served 196 patients (164 of these have received new, low-cost prescription glasses).

Eye care services are for patients who do not have vision insurance and are low-income.
Since the program began, the Medical Eye Center has donated $200,000 in volunteer services, including 23 surgeries.

The need for this program is profound. Before […]

Dr. Imperia Assists in Ethiopian Cataract Workshop


HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Imperia returned to Quiha Zonal Hospital in Mekelle (for the third time) to continue his work with HCP partner Dr. Tilahun Kiros and to assist in a high-volume cataract workshop. Over 400 cataract surgeries were provided in four days.

Before arriving in Mekelle, Dr. Imperia visited Aira Hospital in a small town in western Ethiopia. HCP provided advanced cataract surgery training to Aira’s ophthalmologist Dr. Samuel Bora in 2010. Aira Hospital is one of only a few full-service hospitals between Khartoum and Addis Ababa. A dedicated staff serves thousands of patients per year, providing surgical services, with as many as 250 outpatient visits per day and 80 […]

Dr. Jorizzo’s 2013 expedition to Ethiopia

Ethiopia-Woman-Man-2013For a second year in a row, Dr. Paul Jorizzo and his daughter Kristin traveled on a medical mission to central Africa. This year, the trip focused on a high-volume cataract surgery camp in Arbaminch, Ethiopia. They were joined by local doctor Yewubnesh Hailu, MD, who completed an ophthalmology fellowship at Medical Eye Center in Medford. The week-long surgery camp began at 8:30am on Monday morning. Dr Jorizzo gave a brief glaucoma clinic and then proceeded promptly to the operating room. His team worked 14 hours on Monday, and 12 hours each day Tuesday through Friday. In total, about 370 surgeries were performed, but almost 100 people were turned away due […]

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