Volunteering in Ghana


In November 2016, Dr. John Welling joined a team of doctors and ophthalmology residents from around the U.S. in a trip to Ghana, a country in West Africa.

Together, they provided free cataract surgeries for rural communities through the Himalayan Cataract Project, which began in Nepal and now extends to remote areas of Africa. Through the program, Dr. Welling and his partners have given renewed sight to over 200 residents of Ghana, many of whom otherwise live without access to care and have been blind for years.

The Himalayan Cataract Project also facilitates long-term partnerships and trainings between visiting and local doctors, giving communities the resources necessary to provide this sight-restoring surgery for those in need.

Radio Interview

Before departing to Ghana, Dr. Welling was interviewed by Bill Myers on KMED.

This is Dr. Welling’s interview after returning from Ghana.