A Consumer Guide to Eyewear

Eye glasses come in a wide range of prices, from $70 for basic eyewear to well over $1000 for the most exclusive brands. Our advice is to purchase your eyewear where you feel the most confident in the optician’s professionalism, knowledge and ability to accurately fill your doctor’s prescription. Medical Eye Center’s reputable opticians work hand-in-hand with your eye doctor, and we offer quality products that will help you see your best. Our reputation has been based on that simple formula for over 100 years.

About Discount Retailers

You’ll undoubtedly see advertisements for “TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES AND AN EXAM FOR $89!” from discount retailers. Many companies believe a sales pitch such as “TWO FOR ONE” or “50% OFF” or “SAVE $100” will grab your interest. While compelling, these special deals may be applied to inflated retail prices, and the final price is often more expensive than the high-quality eyewear found at an independent optician.

Discount eyeglass sellers frequently offer low prices by purchasing large lots of discontinued, unauthorized, or poorly manufactured frames. Because these frames are no longer in production, the eye glasses are essentially disposable. If the frames break, they often cannot be repaired or replaced. Discounters often use polycarbonate lenses which do not provide the clearest or most comfortable vision. Similarly, lens designs and technology that was outdated years ago are still being sold by discounters.

The bottom line is that discount retailers may sell eyewear at the lowest possible cost, but they may also provide the worst overall quality and service. Many patients who have bought glasses from discounters report being disappointed in the performance of their frames and the quality of their vision.

Premium Benefits

This chart shows the benefits offered by other retailers as compared to Medical Eye Center Optical.



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