Frequently Asked Questions About Eyeglasses

Why should I buy my eye glasses at Medical Eye Center?
How long will it take to get my new eye glasses?
Why are there so many different lens choices?
Why is an eyewear prescription only good for one year?
What will a complete pair of eye glasses cost?
Do I need an anti-reflection coating on my lenses?
What are the new HOYA MyStyle progressive lenses that I hear about?
Do I need to leave my eye glasses with you if I’m getting new lenses for my old frame?
Are discount chain store prices really lower?
What type of warranty comes with my eye glasses?
If I wear contacts, why do I need a back-up pair of eye glasses?
Will my insurance pay for my eye glasses?
If I don’t have my prescription can you call and get it for me?
How do I protect my new eye glasses?